Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cheesecakes, both recipes

Allie's No-bake cheesecake
Amy Cornett's Cheesecake

These don't count as "Allie's" or "Amy's".  I've made these recipes.  An ex loved the first one, which I found on the back of the the lid of a tub of Cool Whip.  And the second one, except for the pretzel crust, was on the paper for a Keebler graham crust!

So I'm really familiar with these.  The second one is a lot better.  I used to pop Vanilla Wafers in cupcake papers and then add in the cheesecake layer and top with canned cherry pie filling.

The first cheesecake gets a 2/10
The second gets a 5/10, though it's passable in a pinch, if you need to make a quick pan of something for a potluck.  Make it the way I said.  The pretzel crust won't make it as good as a real cheesecake.

Best yet, go to Costco and get a real Cheesecake Factory cheesecake for $13.

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