Thursday, September 27, 2012

Alfredo spaghetti

Alfredo spaghetti

It's not fair to judge this recipe as a recipe.  See, it's a partial recipe.  It has to be.  Like a recipe for cookies that has flour, sugar, and butter, as the only ingredients listed.  Cream, butter, and parmesan cheese doesn't make Alfredo sauce.  Where is the seasoning?  Where is the garlic?

For the sake of this blog, and because I knew I could fix it, I made this recipe for dinner tonight.  It was as bland and gross as it sounds.  I used bow tie pasta because my little one is neater with that than spaghetti noodles.  I only made one bowl with the not-a-sauce, then added stuff to remedy the remaining sauce into something edible.  Because the Duggar recipe calls for an entire freaking stick of butter, by which they probably mean margarine, I have an extra jar of sauce I'll use later.

I tastes a bit of the Duggar recipe, put a few bow ties on a plate for the child, and placed the bowl in front of my unsuspecting husband.  He took a bite and asked, "Am I in trouble for something?"  Yes, dear readers, my husband thought this was a punishment.

It is as bland as it looks.  And you see how it almost congeals in places?  That's not congealing.  The cream didn't want to mix with that much butter.  That's a stick to a quart with a cup of parmesan cheese.  Bad ration.  Icky.

I added garlic and seasonings and chicken to what ended up being our real dinner.

I'm going to be generous in the rating, and only because it doesn't completely ruin the ingredients.  Consider this a base to start with for making Alfredo sauce, but not a finished recipe.

As directed, this get a 2/10.

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